An exuberant celebration of the arts, Cambridge Arts River Festival 2018

The Cambridge Arts River Festival 2018

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The Cambridge River Arts Festival first began in 1974 when a group of artists charged themselves with the development of an annual event that would showcase and celebrate the rich artistic traditions and activity that make Cambridge such a unique and exciting place. Each year this event is held to support local artists and engage audiences with a dazzling array of visual and performing arts. 

This year the Cambridge Arts River Festival welcomed more than 150,000 people to celebrate its vibrant art scene.  This free event took place along DCR Cambridge Parkway and in Lechmere Canal Park, by the picturesque Charles River in Cambridge, MA. The festival showcased the talents of various live acts performing in a range of styles and genres including dance, music, live art demonstrations, and theatre. 

Walking along the Charles River you could taste and experience food and art from all over the world.