How I Named my business, Picfinch

Seven years ago I moved from Ireland to Boston where I was given my first ever nickname.  So with the famous last words "That will never stick", I was christened "Finchy"  (a combination of my two brothers nicknames Frodo and Inchy).

Six years later I started my own Graphic Design and Creative Media company. Deciding a name for my company was difficult. I spent months researching and brainstorming different names. I managed to narrow down the things that were really important to me. 

I wanted my business name to be:

  • Unique and Memorable
  • Meaningful to Me
  • Easy to Pronounce
  • Short and Simple
  • Available 

Most of the names that I liked were taken. Nothing was fitting right. I decided not to rush choosing a name as it was something that would define my company and make it stand out from others. I had to love the name. I knew that I had to trust my instincts and go with the name I felt was right. 

A few names I considered:

Vivid Design Studio • Anny Graphics • Lucid Design Studio • The House of AMO (way too long)

And the brainstorming went on and on,  finally one day it came to me, I was chatting with my roommate, and he was calling me "Picky Finchy"  as I hadn't thought of a name yet. I started playing around with those words and just like that, it came to me, "PicFinch".

PicFinch was everything I wanted in my company name. It was short and meaningful. It was different and it was available.

For anyone out there trying to figure out a name for their business make sure it is something you like, always do your research and see what names are available for your website and social media platforms.

Here are some websites I found really useful:

Entrepreneur: •

Business Insider: