Content Creation

Bally Goats Farm

Bally Goats Farm was established in January 2019 by the Leahy Family. They started off milking goats in October 2017 on their family farm in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick. Inspired by the cheeses of Northern Italy, they started producing their own artisan Goats Cheese, Bally Goats Cheese is handmade in Co. Kerry and has three delicious flavours.

PicFinch was tasked with creating a collection of content for Bally Goats Farm using the mediums of design, video and photography. The content was created to be used across a variety of online and print marketing mediums as part of a marketing strategy and in collaboration with The Kerry Food Hub. 

• Creative Concept

• Pre Production

• Project Management

• Styling

• Studio Product Photography

• Life Style Photography

• Video Production

• Product Video Promo Advert

• Life Style Video Promo Advert

• Graphic Design

• Copywriting

• Content Strategy

Bally Goats Cheese product shot