MunSun Retreats

MunSun Retreats is all about helping women shine their brightest. Whether that’s through travel and seeing new places, or making big changes in your everyday life. The vision for MunSun Retreats is providing a space for women to get together, have fun, and support each other.

MunSun Retreats Logo Design
Our client Georgia Rappleye founder of MunSun Retreats came to PicFinch to help her create, design, and develop her brand. Georgia wanted the brand to be all about taking time for yourself and meeting and supporting other women. It’s young, inspiring, and adventurous all mixed into one.  A key element was to add the sun and moon symbol into the logo design.

• Brand Strategy

• Brand Messaging

• Brand Identity Design

• Website Design

• Tagline Development

• Graphic Design

• Copywriting

• Content Strategy

MunSun Retreats Logo Design