Imagine Dragons Evolve World Tour 2018

On Top Of The World - Imagine Dragons Evolve World Tour

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Fans were not disappointed as the band took to the stage with dramatic flair to perform for their Evolve World Tour at the Xfinity Center, Mansfield, MA. The band appeared together surrounded by drums, bright lights, and loud sounds. They immediately moved to their places on stage and gave an entertaining, high-energy performance to one of their first hit songs "Radioactive." Imagine Dragons played to a full arena. Parents came with their children, and adults’ of all ages showed up to see them, showing just how diverse their fan base is. By the third song Dan Reynolds was shirtless and owned the stage. Imagine Dragons know how to put on a good show; streams of confetti fell from the ceiling and filled up the stage. They switched instruments, from drums to piano. They all perform. The vibe and atmosphere was electric.

Throughout the show, Dan Reynolds speaks to the crowd on a deeper level, his message is positive. He speaks about peace, hope, love, and being kind to one another. He speaks about the harsh world we live in and he really connects with his fans. They come to music concerts to get away, to feel the music and feel free for an evening, to forget any worries, and this is exactly the escapism Imagine Dragons gives its audience.  A two-hour show that is fun and energetic, but also raw and vulnerable. The crowd dances and sings along with every song like "Whatever It Takes," "Shots,” and "I'll Make It Up To You," but also slows it down singing a love song or two, like "Next To Me" and "I'll Make It Up To You." 

A twist to the evening happened more than an hour into the show. The main stage went dark as if the show was about to end. The musicians started walking up through the crowd, interacting with fans along the way. A new small, intimate mini stage was revealed, surrounded by fans right in the middle of the arena. 

A darker tone and mood was set as they perform "Amsterdam" followed by "Bleeding Out". Next Dan Reynolds connects again with his audience speaking out about his depression, and how there should be no stigma in having a therapist or seeking help for mental health issues. It inspired one of his most famous songs, "Demons" he then leads into this song and the crowd goes crazy, everyone sings along as the whole arena lights up with everyone holding up their phones like a lighter. Anyone who has ever been through something difficult or struggled can relate to this song, the words, the music cuts right into your soul, you can feel the pain that went into this song as if it were your own.

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The show finishes up on an upbeat note with the song "Thunder" followed by "On Top Of The World" and "Believer" for the encore.  Imagine Dragons brought their fans on an emotional journey through their music, their shared life experiences, and inspirational messages. The show was mesmerizing, energetic, positive, and emotional and left every concertgoer with a smile on their face and a truly memorable experience.