Our Boston Design and Internet marketing Team

Annemarie and Vanessa both bring their own unique and professional style to PicFinch - Creative Media. They share the same mission and values, and both have a deep passion and love for all things design and creative problem solving.  They simply aim to "create & inspire" through their design work and love nothing more than helping their clients by adding value to their businesses and helping them grow.

Annemarie O'Brien

Principal / Creative Director

Annemarie O'Brien.jpg

Email: annemarie@picfinch.com

Originally from Ireland, Annemarie moved to Boston in  2009 and has since made it her home. 

Annemarie has over 10 years of experience in design, branding and marketing. She sharpened her skills working as a graphic designer for Southern Advertising Agency in Limerick, Ireland, and later at Irish Central Newspapers, Boston & New York. 

She is passionate about all things design, photography and art. Annemarie founded PicFinch to help her clients grow their brands and bring their ideas to life. 

vanessa charles

Technical Director / Software Engineer


Email: vanessa@picfinch.com

Vanessa was born in Venezuela and moved to Boston for college in 2007. She started coding 3 years ago when building a web application for her startup, Nabi Music Center.

Her favorite programming language is JavaScript and she has a strong background in UX/UI design and marketing.

Vanessa is a former classical piano instructor and sound designer. She currently works as a Software Engineer at Oracle and PicFinch.